Davis-Standard’s High-Speed Foil and Film Unwind at K 2016


Davis-Standard’s High-Speed Foil and Film Unwind at K 2016


Davis-Standard will exhibit a high-speed unwind during K 2016 that is engineered for splice speeds up to 800 meters per minute (2,600 fpm) for sensitive, thin webs. This unwind features pneumatic splice-unit control for improved processing and functionality. It is uniquely engineered for extrusion coating applications involving aluminum foil and PE films.


The two-position, shaftless, phantom-axis turret design offers several advantages:

·                Driven idler rolls on the turret

·                Direct spindle drive using a timing belt without backlash

·                Cross-cut knives on the turret between two driven idler rolls

·                Lightweight carbon fiber knife holder

·                Inverter controlled turret drive

·                Precision turret control with an absolute encoder

·                Continual gap mode between the bumper roller and reel during the unwinding process

·                Automatic air inflation for pneumatic chucks with pressure control

·                Tension control via a long-stroke dancer roll

·                Ultrasonic sensor measurement for the incoming roll diameter

·                Automatic edge guide control


The unwind is capable of roll diameters from 300 to 1000mm (11 to 40 inches) with a maximum diameter of 800mm (31 inches) for aluminum foil, and a maximum roll weight of 1800 kilograms (4,000 pounds). It is ideal for aluminum foil webs ranging from 6 to 20 µm and PE films from 30 to 100 µm.


The unwind is typically used as an auxiliary unwind for aseptic packaging lines to maintain consistent high- speed operation. However, it can also be used as the primary unwind for flexible packaging lines that process a wide range of substrates, including paper up to 150 gsm.