Liquid Coating Production & Pilot Line


  • SteamexRemoisturizer: Process steam applied to both sides of the web or either side independently
  • Multifunctional Cooling Section with Laminating Nip: Cools the web after the dryer, and for laminating (or interleave) a second web from an auxiliary single position unwind, capable of 140 PLI
  • Auxiliary Single Position Unwind: Features manual side-lay and squaring, air-cooled pneumatic operated disc brake; mounted on a movable base so it may also be positioned for wet-bond laminations
  • Turret Winder Roll Changer: Two-direction machine with stationary knife has center, surface, and surface with center assist winding
  • Differential Offset Winding: Features slitting capabilities
  • SurfaStart 1000 Winder: Pneumatic loading of secondary arms permits the operator to control the hardness of the finished roll
  • Integrator PRO Process Control System: Supervisory control system provides monitoring and data logging of all critical operating parameters
  • Coating Techniques: Many configurations available including doctor blade, rod, variations of offset gravure, variations of reverse gravure, variations of direct gravure, slot die, contact die, 2-roll smooth, 3-roll smooth, flex bar, hot melt (slot die) and many more.
  • Primary Turret Unwind: Features arm pedestal design, regenerative motor braking or pneumatic brakes
  • Splicer: Single direction with speed compensated controlled tail length, lap splice with core detection and splice tracking, zero-tail length (butt splice) capability
  • Corona Treater: Single side treatment, maximum power 15 kw
  • Pull Rolls: Provides tension isolation
  • Universal Coater: (Series 4000) Cartridge-style machine that can be configured into multiple coater configurations through the use of quick-change roll out carts
  • Dryer: The 60-foot (18.3 m) convection dryer is composed of (3) 20-foot (6.1 m) zones. Each zone has independent top and bottom air-flow and temperature control. Direct fired natural gas burners provide the heat source. A wide range of drying nozzle configurations can be demonstrated. The dryer is designed for solvent and aqueous coatings. Critical process parameters such as an air temperature, air-flow, solvent concentration, and web temperature are monitored and recorded in our Integrator PRO.
  • Ultraviolet Curing Station: Allows for curing via photo initiation
  • Cooling Pull Roll & Web Guide: Used to cool and guide the web prior to the remoisturizer
  • AC Vector Drives