Extrusion Coating/Lamination & Cast Film Laboratory


  • Maximum Cast Film Width: 54 inches finished (1372mm)
  • Maximum Extrusion Coating Width: 50inches finished (1270mm)
  • Extruder “A”: 3.5-inch diameter (89mm), 30:1 L/D with 150 HP Eurothem DC Drive
  • Extruder “B”: 3.5-inch diameter (89mm), 30:1 L/D with 150 HP Eurotherm DC Drive
  • Extruder “C”: 2.0-inch diameter (51mm), 17:1 L/D with 25 HP Hydraulic DC Drive
  • Conair Automatic Hopper Loaders: Three dustbeater hopper loaders are available. Maximum rate is 500 lbs/hr (227 kg/hr)
  • Resin Blending: BC off-line tumble blender
  • Drying Capabilities: 2 Conair units with 800 lbs. and 4000 lbs. capacity (363 kg and 1814 kg)
  • Feedscrews: A variety of high performance feedscrews for both extrusion coating and cast film
  • Valved Adapter: On each 3.5-inch (89mm) extruder head
  • Feed Pipe: Connections from three extruders to feedblock or a dedicated pipe from extruder A directly to the die
  • Cloeren 5-layer Dual Plane Co-Extrusion Feedblock: Offers up to five-layer structures with up to three distinct polymers (including AAAAA, BBBBB, AAAAC, AAABB, AAACB, ABCBA, ABBBC and BAAAC)
  • EDI 60-inch Autoflex H-40 Cast Film Contour Die: Die deckles down to 20 inches (508 mm)
  • Cloeren 48-inch and 60-inch EBR Extrusion Coating Dies: Dies deckle down to 24 inches and 32 inches respectively (210 mm and 813 mm).
  • BC Model 300XL 60-inch Coathanger Die: Die deckles down to 20 inches (508 mm)
  • Jyohoku 47-inch Die: Die deckles down to 12 inches (305 mm)
  • Casting Section/Extrusion Coater/Laminator: Two chill rolls; 18 inches diameter x 60 inches wide (457mm x 1524mm), double-shell, spiral-fluted, 60 rms matte finish and 2 rms high gloss; stripper roll and plate-out roll for cast film; web paths for extrusion coating and laminating; single-position auxiliary air brake unwind mounted to extrusion coater frame
  • Multiple Nip Rolls: Extrusion coating lamination nip, silicone, rubber, Teflon, large diameter single nip roll or small nip roll with back up pressure roll
  • Cooling System: 300 gpm chill roll recirculation loop capable of holding less than 3°F (-16°C) variation across the chill roll face under full load conditions at temperatures between 55°F to 180°F (13°C to 82°C); Trane microprocessor controlled 60 ton chiller; in-line 15 kw temperature controlled heater for fast start-ups on above room temperature processes
  • Air Knife: Features 60-inch (1524 mm) slot width
  • Vaccum Box: Features 60-inch (1524 mm) width
  • EnerconTreater: 15 kw bare roll treater and 2 kw Ozone generator
  • Integrator™ Process Control System: Offers distributive line control; displays include temperature control, line conditions, winder conditions, historical trending, diagnostics, and more; features PLC interface, drive interface, miscellaneous I/O and printer
  • NDC Gauge: Thickness measuring gauge with automatic profile control, IR and Beta heads
  • Robotic Winder/Roll Changer: Offers 1200 lb. maximum roll capacity; 72-inch (1829 mm) maximum demonstration width from single position unwind only or 54-inch (1372 mm) through entire extrusion line; 3-inch and 6-inch (76 mm and 152mm) auto air inflated core shafts; stationary, static, enveloper, and bump & cut automatic transfer systems; three models of winding, including center with taper, center/surface tension, and center/surface draw; light nip and firm nip programmable lay-on roll loading systems; in-line slitting down to 2 inches (51 mm) widths, with or without bleed trims
  • Auxiliary Unwinds: For extrusion coating and lamination; 24-inch maximum diameter; air brake tension control; 3-inch & 6-inch (76 mm and 152 mm) core chucks; 1000 lb. (454 kg) roll weight; mounted directly to extrusion coater
  • Primary Unwind: 3-inch and 6-inch (76 mm and 152 mm) core shafts; air brake tension control 10 to 150 lbs. (4.5-68 kg); 72-inch (1829 mm) maximum roll diameter; 5000 lb. (2268 kg) roll weight; 600 fpm (183 mpm) into extrusion process or 1200 fpm (366 mpm) directly into winder